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You can't set a specific scene for a specific profile?


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Hello guys,


I've recently got a Corsair Crystal 680x Tower. That was the first time I got rgb corsair stuff so I installed iCue, everything's fine,. I can set the RPM I want, the scene (for the fans only) and everything.



But from what I've seen, you can create a new Profile and link it to a specific application (so it'll lauch the profile when I start this application I guess?).


So I created two profile: Desktop and Valorant. I chose the Desktop one, put the desired scene but when switching to the Valorant one, I see that the scene the I picked for the Desktop profile is also applied to Valorant. So basically, I can't have the Desktop displaying my fan in red let's say and the Valorant one in rainbow.


I'm not sure it's a bug but I expected that 1 Specific profile can have its specific scene.


Is it the case?



Thanks in advance!

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“Scenes” are like quick access override switches for your lighting whereas a normal profile has many additional settings for each device. They are global and the replacement for instant lighting in CUE 3. So you could create a “blackout” scene to quickly turn out all the LEDs in the system with a click, but fan, KB, mouse device settings remain unchanged.


If you want specific lighting, set this up in your profiles. If you are making multiple profiles that are mostly different lighting variations with the same base hardware settings, use the “copy profile” function to duplicate your current profile, then change the lighting and rename it. This will save you time on many of the common underlying options.

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