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ICUE & Node core


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Hi guys,

New to Corsair. So got a 5000 X case with 3 Front SP fans and 4 QL 120 fans. Motherboard is an Asus X570 Prime Pro. Has latest bios.


Setup is as follows.

1) SP fans are connected to the node core that came with the case.

2) 4 QL fans are connected to the node core that cam with with the 3 pack.

3) Both of the cores are connected to the USB ports on the motherboard


Installed Asus and than installed corsair Icue software. On reboot go into Icue and start setting it up. Node Core shows up as QL fans as you go into lighting setup and Node Core 1 shows up as QL fans once that is selected. It should be showing up as SP.


I have uninstalled and tried different options, SP fans one of them show up as white and the other 2 are dark.


the 4 QL fans are working as they are supposed to.

Motherboard lights are working as well..


Forgot to mention that everything work for one night after reinstalling 2nd time. Shutdown for the night and next day back to the same issue.



Any way of making Node core 1 not choose QL fans as soon as it is detected? I am guessing that is the reason its not working? Thank you for any suggestions. Will be following someone's instructions to a link to do a clean install of ICUE.

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