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H150i PRO RGB AIO pump buzzing?

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I'm going to go on a whim to make a guess that if there's any buzzing noise coming out of the pump which probably signifies there might be air bubbles inside?


I mean it was silent on day 1 when I got this thing until a few weeks ago that it started as a low hum or buzz that caused vibration noises through the case which i went back and checked everything.


Eventually I just sat there and listened closely and felt the noise was being generated from the pump. Upon restarting my machine, the pump made a very loud buzzing within the block like the pump is working super hard or something.


So I know the Hydro series coolers have a 5 year warranty but is there such thing as an advanced replacement on these things?


Edit: I figured I should toss in the idea that I did swap a GPU at some point and might have laid the case on it side that could have caused this? Just wanna throw that idea out there.

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How do you have your AIO installed? Front, top? Airbubbles might have got trapped in the pump/block. Laying the case down sideways while running for a while can get those airbubbles out so that might be worth a try.


AIO is installed on the top of the case which is a 750D obsidian full tower with the inlet/outlet part of the radiator coming out of where the first 5.25" bay would actually be.


It almost sounds like the motor isn't making a connection with the impeller as if a gear is grinding or something.


The cooling for it is maintaining a CPU temperature similar to my stock heatsink/fan.


Current idle is 31.2C and on 80% load temps climb to 47C.

Back when the pump didn't make that grinding noise the idle temp was about 21C and full load was near 26C.


I've tried tilting the tower method found on another corsair video explaining the bubble possibility and the grinding noise still continues. So there may be a giant bubble trapped in the pump/block that just can't find its way out or something else?


Here's a sample video showing what I hear (if that helps)


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Aaaah... you have a HDD AIO.. the head is seeking :)


more seriously, that's not a bubble sound, that totally sounds mechanical. Bubbles is a very irregular grinding sound, more subtle than that.

Sounds like RMA to me


It's the AIO that can't make up it's mind. I guess it's back to the original fan/heatsink combo for a while until a replacement however long it takes. It just sounds like the AIO is just angry at me :laughing:

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