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H150i Elite ML120 fans NOT ML120 pro


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I have an H150i elite AIO and it comes with [what i thought were] ML120 pro RGB fans. Well according to the specs, these fans can get up to 2500rpm while regular ML120 pro RGB fans can only go to around 1600rpm...


I bought more ML120 fans so they would all be the same and I could control them from the same CoPro. The fans that came with the AIO also dont have the gray corners, like the ml120 pros do...


With that being the case, I decided to swap the fans that came with the AIO to the front of the case for supply, and put the ML120 pro fans on the AIO.


When I use iCue, and auto detect in the setup menu, it doesnt show the colored indicator lights on the ml120 pro fans, but they light up anyway when using my lighting profiles.


If i manually select ML series fans from the fan setup menu, the indicator lights turn on for all the fans, but it doesnt seem to use all the LED's in the fans...


I'm just confused. Why are the ML120 fans that came with the AIO able to run faster than the ML120 pro fans, and why cant I buy those fans so they all are exactly identical? The only fans you can buy are ML120 pro fans, which are clearly not the same.


Thanks, and sorry for the novel.

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The fans that come with the Elite series AIO are “ML-Elite”. This an 8 LED ML fan. The blade and construction is essentially the same, but obviously the LED count is different than the older 4 LED ML-RGB.


It is unclear if Corsair are going to sell the ML-Elite as a retail purchase model. At present, they have just released the SP-Elite to serve as the case fan match. It has a different blade and vane construction designed for its purpose, but it is 8 LEDs and a color match for your ML-Elite.

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It is true what c-attack wrote that the fans that come with the Elite Capellix coolers have 8 LEDs instead of 4 LEDs as the ML PRO RGB have. I would suggest installing the fans from the cooler to the Commander Core and the ML PRO RGB fans to the Commander Pro.
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