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H115i 280mm Elite Capellix fan control

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I noticed that the temp iCUE is reporting is ~40 celsius now, whereas before, it was usually ~30. I thought this was the pump temp, but I'm not sure now. My cpu package and cores are ~30 celsius.


What is the temp displayed next to the fan tachs inside of the iCUE that the capellix tells me? Is this the temp it's using to control the fans?


What exactly controls the fans?


I was thinking maybe I need to use the two pin temp connector on the commander but I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it. Is this what it's used for?


Is it also okay that I plugged the pump tach connector into CPU_OPT instead of CPU_FAN?

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The temperature next to the pump is the coolant temperature. This is the proper control variable for the radiator fans and represents the amount of heat in the loop. It is a relative number with the case ambient temp as the baseline and is usually measured in terms of delta or difference between your current temp and that baseline number.


If you are logging a lot of zero fan time, you probably will see 40C. There is a significant difference between zero and low speed, especially in set-ups where the radiator fans also play key roles in case air exchange.


The MB lead connector is a back up safety protocol. This has nothing to do with the AIO, but the MB will prevent you from booting up if there is nothing on CPU fan. This choice has no effect on cooler operations.


You do not need to use the 2 pin temp probe for control on the Commander Core. It can be useful for measuring ambient air temp or using it as an alternative control variable for other case fans on the Commander Core. It is of more critical use on the Commander Pro where it is the native control source.

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c-attack summarized it very well. In my opinion it is the best way to control fans depending on the coolant temperature instead of CPU temp as the latter spike up and down a lot and so would the fans. The coolant temperature is more stable and will give you a more stable fan curve.
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Interesting I didn't know that and that makes sense.

My particular motherboard seems to boot fine with it attached to CPU_OPT instead of CPU_FAN.


Follow up question:

What would be considered "too hot" for the coolant temp then? The default "emergency shutdown" notification temp inside of iCUE is currently set to 70, but I also mucked with it and I don't know what the default was.

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If you ever hit 60C or higher on the coolant (H115i Temp) something is physically wrong and you need to stop what you are doing and investigate. For normal use, I usually tell people to set a max fan blast at 50C, but it is possible to reach that number with a combination of extended load plus environmental factors. 60C is decidedly out of bounds and will cause a non-overclocked CPU to bang off the 100C CPU temp mark. That makes it a problem on both the hardware and CPU temp end. Edited by c-attack
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