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K65 LED repair

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Hey, maybe some one here can help me out


To make a long story short: I bough a used K65 Keyboard, removed all switches to paint the whole case white and replace some broken ones. The Keyboard works like a charm, however I broke a couple (5) LEDs in the process.


The LEDs are mounted on the PCB is there any chance I could try to replace them? I dont mind if its difficult or likely to break the Keyboard. The whole project is just for learning and fun. I have not found any Information of the LED type in the internet, Which I would need to find replacement LEDs, but maybe somebody her has some Information for me. Also a guide to replace the LEDs on the pcb would be great!


All help is welcome.


Best regards



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Hi Suisakul,


Unfortunately we can't provide any official resources on fixing internal device components, as that is very much proprietary information -- we do apologize for the inconvenience.


No need to apologize, as the inconvenience is totally self-inflicted xD


I am also aware that corsair cannot give me a step by step guide to fix the LEDs. I was more looking for users that may encountered a similar problem. If its against the forum rules to share such information I apologize and the post can be deleted.


Best regards

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