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Why are all gaming mice so small?


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So, after having a Logitech G502 Hero and finding it very uncomfortable to use, with it causing pains in the knuckle of my little finger... (it was too thin).


I decided to buy a Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite MMO Gaming Mouse!


The pictures on the product page made the mouse and the side buttons look much Much bigger than they actually are.


The reviews I read and watched on youtube said that the mouse is "Very Big"...

Sadly this is not the case.


I get a feeling that the ones reviewing these products are just blowing smoke up the bottoms of these companies to get free products for their reviews.


So here I am, signing up to this forum to ask "Corsair, why is your biggest mouse too small for a regular Man-Sized hand?"


The mouse is nice to the touch, it has a nice feel to it. But it is not comfortable to use!..


When you grip anything, literally anything in your life, when does your pinkie finger sit below your ring finger? Like, Never! Your Pinkie Finger Sits Along Side Your Ring Finger!


So what is the problem with the Scimitar MMO Mouse?


My pinkie is sliding off of it, regardless of the bumpy rubber grip, because of the shape.

So yes, this mouse is causing me pain too!


See the attached image, there is nothing for my pinkie to rest on. The mouse is too small, the mouse is too thin. The "finger rest" is too small and too low.



The mouse is made for a "Palm Grip" style. so the side of the mouse should be just as high as the buttons. I should not feel the need to glue on a chunk of rubber to the side, after paying £60 for this.


The mouse could be 15% to 20% bigger before I would call it "Big". I expected it to be this much bigger than it actually is.




Going on from here, I would like to see a real man-size mmo gaming mouse. Perhaps you could trade me one in exchange for this small mouse I just bought?


It would also be nice to see someone make a mouse that has more than 2 front buttons. Why have 12 buttons to awkwardly try to thumb on the side, while my fingers sit doing not much at all?


I could go for a mouse that has 4 buttons on top, 2 buttons at each side of the scroll wheel.

Hey, i could go for a mouse that has a number pad on the top, if it was big enough to palm grip.


Another thing, the one thing that I prefer about the Logitech mouse over the Corsair, is the "infinite scroll wheel with tilt buttons". The tilt buttons would not be needed if there were two more buttons on top, but the infinite scroll function is supreme!




When it comes to innovation, I would expect a company like Corsair to be ahead of the game. But when it comes to a Gaming Mouse, it seems that no company has yet delivered what I would expect to see for my man-sized hands. I feel sorry for the many guys who have even bigger hands than I do.


@Corsair, if you really want to make a Gaming Mouse that would be ideal for half of the gamers out there, I could send you the measurements for my hand. Hey, I could even open Autodesk Maya, create a mouse which would fit my hand, print it off on a 3D printer and show you how to make a mouse, since you just are not getting it right.


Please, for the love of technical innovation, make a mouse that will fit in my hand comfortably and not cause my knuckle to ache.

My pinkie, naturally, wants to rest along side my ring finger, not be dragging down the side of the mouse.





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I have large hands and I don't find the Scimitar to be small at all. Maybe you have gigantic hands or abnormally large hands. I don't know lol


I use the Logitech G604 daily for gaming and have no issues with discomfort. I really wish Corsair would make a wireless version of the Scimitar because I would buy that in a friggin heart beat.

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do you really grip your mouse with one finger on each button and one constantly over the wheel? Because when i grip like that the pinkie does all the holding and it's painful after a few minutes.

I have big hands and the G602 never caused any discomfort, but we're all different of course. Maybe your grip style could be changed a bit ? The most likely thing to occur between you changing grip and an equipment manufacturer making a mouse to your every liking.. is the first one :)

MMO mice, i can't hit just one button, even pointing my thumb that's like 2 or 3 buttons getting pressed at least.. those things are made for 12 year old korean e-sports players..

the biggest mouse i ever used was the Corsair Nightsword. This thing properly fills the hand, but it's not an MMO mouse and the materials are super poor with the rubberized surface peeling off in a matter of months.

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