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Dark Core RGB mouse wheel stuttering

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I have this mouse for 2/3 years at most and I take very care of it.

Suddenly the mouse wheel start to scroll back like "page up" when I scroll down and specifically on the second scroll down.


I though this might be just a problem of dust.

Can someone explain me how disassemble it please ?


I manage to get some dust out with some pressurized air blower but didn't solve the issue


The device is functionning perfectly aside of this small annoyance. I would feel guilty to have to buy a new one just for that (our planet is already enough polluted like that)


Thank you

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Mordj,


While we can't provide any disassembly instructions for liability/proprietary reasons, if you are unsuccessful cleaning the device, please do open a ticket with support. If you are still within the 2 year warranty, we can refurbish that mouse (i.e. recycle it) and send you a working one in exchange.

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Thank you,

I'll check when I bought it then.


Something that would be very nice is to replace the wheel with a small clickable tactile surface of the same shape. And with a good sensitivity it could be very accurate, to use in for some gaming configurations or whatnot

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I found my ticket, I bought it in a shop in Paris, France in late 2019 (November).

Shall I open a support ticket or shall I go to the shop and tell them to take it back for a refurbish as I have been told here ?


Many thanks for your help

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