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Can i connect a fan controller to the commander core?

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As said above, I'm wondering if it's ok to connect a fan controller from my PC case to one of the fan ports of the commando core.


(I'm using the h150i AIO so there are only 3 fan slots left.)

(Link to the case fan controller: https://www.silentiumpc.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/spc250-spc-signum-sg7v-evo-tg-argb-manual-www.pdf )


I'm planning to plug in 4 Noctua NF-A14 3000rpm IPPC WPM fans to the case controller, and then plug the case controller into the commander core.

I can't just connect it into the motherboard case header as I'm going to control my case fan's speed based on my GPU temperature.


I also could connect the case controller to one of my GPU's fan headers and control it that way, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea since the fans will rapidly spin up and down when the GPU does small tasks, unlike the commando core which gradually increaser/decreases the speed.


If none of the solutions above won't work I also have 2 spare 4 pin fan splitters, so I could probably use them. And no, I can't connect the fans to the commander care as it doesn't have enough power left with the pump and radiator fans running.

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That's not the clearest wiring diagraph ever published. Presumably that SATA connector is powering both the RGB lighting and the 12v fan power on the circuit board. If not, you will likely blow the fan port immediately. 4 x A14 industrials at 3000 rpm is a lot of current. The fan choice may also pose a problem. That PWM repeater hub takes the signal from one of the A14s and duplicates it for the others. However, the Noctua A14i 3000 rpm has been a problematic fan for PWM control in the past. Sometimes the PWM hub in between will help with the signal differences, but if you connected one of the A!4s directly to the Commander I don't think it will be controllable. That makes the end result uncertain.


DO NOT under any circumstances connect two A14i 3000 rpm via PWM splitter directly to the Commander. You will blow the fan port. Same thing goes for your MB fan headers unless it is one of those 2.5 or 3.0A High Current headers.

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So i should try connecting the 4 fans to the case hub, and then the case hub into the commander core? Is that right? The case hub is powered by a sata connector.


Similar fans to the pre installed ones (https://www.silentiumpc.com/en/product/stella-hp-argb-120-kit/)

Take 0.5a total, the only difference seems to be naming. Since the controller supports up to 5 of them, in theory, it should be able to support these fans.

The thing is they take 0.1a from the fan header and 0.4a from the RGB header. I can't find any information about the max output for the headers so hooking up these fans might fry the controller.


Should i just buy a new one?

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The Commander Pro is also 1A per port as are most fan headers. The A14i 3000 rpm is 0.55A per fan, so this is likely going to lead to trouble with any kind of 2 way PWM splitter. The powered fan hub is the way to go, but you need to make sure the fan motor power comes from the SATA. You can verify this by looking at the control lead (4 pin) coming from the fan side of the board. There should only be 2 wires on it. If there are 4, then it is taking power along that path.


However, the other problem is I am not sure they will be controllable. Since you appear to already own the fans in question, I guess you'll find out. This is a specific problem with some of the 3000 rpm Industrial models on the Commander Pro.

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Well, I just realized that actually the controller is powered by a single 4 pin fan header.

Anyway since that won't work I guess il just get a proper fan hub.

Im think about this one: https://www.arctic.de/en/Case-Fan-Hub/ACFAN00175A

It has 4.5a max input, and 1a output for each of its 10 ports's so it should be plenty.


When it comes to connecting the hub, I can either try to plug it into the commander core, one of my GPU's fan headers, or if both of those fails, into the motherboard.


Thanks for the help, if you have any more red flags please let me know before I fry another pc component xd

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For anyone wondering, i connected the noctua fans to the arctic hub, then the arctic hub into the commander core, and everything works flawlessly. I can controll the speed of the fans, as well as anything else. My PC now sounds like a fighter jet, but my gpu temperature's droped by 10c* so i think it was worth it.
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