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Why is my K55 RGB keyboard not working?

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So I usually unplug my keyboard at night to prevent my cats from turning on my computer, and it usually works fine the morning after. But today, when i turned on my computer, my keyboard stopped working. It still lights up and I can still use the numerical keypad, but i can’t adjust volume or use any of the other keys. It also won’t restart/reset, I held the escape key for 5 minutes and it didn’t start flashing. What should I do? Is my keyboard broken?
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Hi cottagecoregoth,


If it is still lighting up, there is still some hope. You should open a ticket with our support team, and they will assist with a firmware flash as the next step here -- go ahead and open the ticket and include a photo of the back information panel (on the rear of the keyboard) with your ticket so we can ensure to send you the correct firmware.

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