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Scimitar Elite rebind mouse wheel

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At this time, there isn't an ability to change the scroll up and down mouse wheel functions.

I like this idea though, and have forwarded it to the feedback team on your behalf. Please let us know if you have any other great ideas, and thank you for choosing Corsair!

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Well I use profile switch key as a shift function to get more buttons, but scimitar does not offer button for that because there isn't button you can hold and then press thumb buttons comfortably. Like if there was some button you could press with your index finger located on top of left button or ring finger on right side.


Anyway volume up and down is unusable since I can't create macro that will repeat press this key so i could hold it for volume increase and not have to click it literally 50x to change full range.


There is no repeat option for anything else but macro. Why only macro have repeat option? I tried exporting profile editing repeat option and importing it back but it didn't work. Feels like iCue software is really really early alpha where you skimped on useful features and invested 90% of time on lighting engine with pretty colors configuration.


I can make complex light shows but I can't setup keys properly? I hope new version will have more awesome things.


I dream one day we'll see 19 or even 21 button mice. :)


I have to say quick profile switch key is working exactly as I imagined it would work, too bad I don't have good button placement for it. Which mouse button you could use to hold and use shifted profile for thumb buttons?


Also why can't you remap every button? You can remap right button but not left?


I had roccat, razer, steel series mice and now corsair, and I have to tell you, if all software designers for respective suits would unite and create ultimate software now that would be probably the only true fully working suit.


Razer software - very limited in macro creation no rapid clicking fast shooting button possible to create


Roccat - hmm actually this might be the only one that have everything in it, I don't remember if it had autoshooting macro capabilities but close. you can remap every button


Steelseries - horrible fast profile shift speed, creating multi layered buttons is borderline unusable and slow, but macros and configuration is probably one of the best, you can remap every button


Corsair - have great fast profile switching and instant buttons but no physical buttons on mouse to use it, no wheel remap, no rapid clicking for regular keys or hold release cycle for minecraft mining and such. Seriously you have probably the worst functional suit out there but have best lighting configuration of them all? I mean seriously you value useless lights over functionality?

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