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Hydro H80 maintenance

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Thanks for your answer. There are videos where they say that over time they lose liquid, that's why the question. We will leave it like that, although the fans are already revolutionizing and sounding a lot. All the best
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While the system is closed, the tubing is referred to as ‘low evaporation tubing’ and over a long period of time and many heating/cooling cycles, you can lose some fluid or performance may decline for other reasons. At that point the normal thing to do is replace it with another cooler. You can surgically dismantle the cooler, drain, clean and refill but it was not designed for it. You would need to figure out the best way to do this, then repair it, then figure out how to fill with no bleeder valve. There are probably videos of people doing this for various models, but I suggest you use a hefty measure of caution. Even with a high skill level, there are some parts that were meant to be installed and not removed. Getting them off and putting them back on can be challenging.
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