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H150i Pro XT Pump Noise / Rattling / Bubbling

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Hi all,


I'm having a issue with my cooler since I got it a few months ago, the noise coming from the pump in Quiet mode sounds like a old hard drive, clicking rattling and bubbling noises.


In the other profiles the bubbling noise goes away but is instead replaced by a awful high pitched whine from the pump, which is unbearable.


I've left the PC running for the majority of the day and even over night in the extreme profile in the hopes of getting any possible lodged air out of the pump to no success.


I've tipped the case around also while in the various profiles, the only orientation in which makes the noise go away is when the case in laid on the back panel (standard ATX Case Phankteks Evolv) even in this orientation I've left it for multiple hours but as soon as the case is sat back up into the "normal" orientation the noise is immediately there again.



Any other steps I should try or is this a case of the pump being detective and it needs to be RMA'd?


Thanks All.

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I would contact Corsair Support. You did not mention the orientation of the pump head and tubes in relation to the radiator (front mount, tubes up, etc). However, this trickling and gurgling was commonly reported on the Platinum/XT models after the implementation of the “new” Quiet speed lowered to ~1900 rpm. That is something those in the Elite series pump noise thread may wish to take notice of. This might be something we can work with, but if the other two speeds are producing nasty harmonics then there may be other problems.


Both balanced and extreme should be detectable at idle in quiet room if you get within 24-36” of the case. It has to make some noise. However, if the frequency is in a place that gives you an instant headache, then that is not a viable option and you need to look for a replacement or to a different option. You could try a different SATA connector for power (maybe its own cable from the PSU), but I would say that is a long shot and this is most often a problem at the pump.

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The radiator is placed in the top of the case above the pump, but I've tried having the radiator unscrewed from the case and held in different locations, it doesn't make any difference to the noise.


In quiet mode the pump is running at 2008rpm(reported from iCue), the case sits currently behind the monitor (arm mounted) about 80cm away and even in quiet mode the noise without any background noise/music on is annoying, and is hearable from the other side of the room.

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The trick to getting the bubble(s) out of the motor/block area is to lift turn the case in a way where the in/out tubes on the pump head are higher than the pump motor. So if your radiator is top mounted and the tubes go toward the back, you would lift the back end up to let the bubbles float up and out of the pump block area. This should happen quickly. No 24 hours running upside down is necessary. Put the pump into the highest speed mode before lifting to get the most push help from the motor. Occasionally people have reported success with try the lift when power off despite failure when powered on. That could occur if there are some strange flow dynamics in the block with the particular location of the bubble (flow is holding it down or similar).


But again if the noise is screeching across the room, I only see one direction for this to go. Don't make yourself miserable living with it. It's not supposed to be that way. It would be nice to get the bubble(s) just to see if that is a compounding factor with the higher speed pressure/hum.

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