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Starting of a GTA:O with iCUE installed leads to black screen


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I've recently purchased a MM700 RGB Extended Mouse Pad since my old pad was getting on a bit and I'm satisfied with my K70 RGB MK.2. Upon installing iCUE 4.10.27 (I've only used iCUE to setup the hardware profiles of the K70 and uninstalled it after. The MM700 doesn't offer custom hardware profiles afaik) for the MM700, I started a game of GTA:O to test the pad. The game went to black screen after ~30 minutes. Sound continues and the lights of the K70 go on and off. Only a restart helps. This was repeated over multiple attempts with different games/3D applications :sigh!:.


I've tried so far:

-Disabling all corsair services via services. msc: no help (Didn’t impede the functions I used though)

-Updating firmware: Both are current (K70 RGB MK.2: v. 3.24, MM700: v. 1.0.5)

-Downgrade to v3.38.61: Black screen now immediately appears when the game startup finishes. This persists after reinstalling 4.10.27

-Unplugging the K70 and MM700: No help

-Closing the software which logs temps and controls the RGB and fan/pump speeds of my custom loop: No help

EDIT 2: Deactivating of "SDK" and "Plugins". No help

-Uninstall of iCUE: no help

-Revert to an older system backup: no help


Finally I had to uninstall the K70 drivers via devmgmt.msc to get the system back to the rocksolid performance prior to installation.


Is there a permanent solution for this issue? Is there some basic version which only offers the RGB options? I don't use the sensor/log functionality, since the loop components are controlled/logged by another tool.


Thank you for your help.


EDIT: All drivers and the BIOS are current.

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I took a more in-depth look and found the cause for the black screen issue. It was a PCIe 180° adapter, which wasn't designed to specification and starting to fail in high power scenarios. I removed the adapters and replaced the damaged PCIe cables.


It wasn't related to the iCUE software and seemingly a coincidence, that I installed iCUE at the point where the adapter began to fail. Apologies if I caused any inconvenience.

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