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Sorry for my english.

I have a Corsair scimitar elite rgb mouse, that i need help with to set up a macro for an MMORPG.


My question is:




I want to run a 8 key combination in 1 macro, with different delays in between. However, my problem is that i cant make each keystroke run "simultaneously/independently".




By that i mean, lets say i have a 1000ms delay in between each 8 keystrokes. Its going to repeat that cycle of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. The problem is that its going to take that 8000ms before it hits the same key again.

I want each keystroke to have their own cycle, so they dont wait for each other. if that makes sense ?.


Key 5 might have a 5000ms delay, so that would add 5000ms extra before it repeats and hits the other keys. that is the problem.


Sorry i was looking for a word to explain it but couldnt remember :D

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