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H115i colors wrong - but sometimes displays right IF I uninstall/reinstall iCUE

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I've been chasing a bug for months, and I really really think its software related; maybe I'm wrong.


Here's the bottom line; The fan colors on my H115i display perfectly always. However the colors on my heat sink pump are usually wrong. For example, if I set rainbow mode, its usually just spinning red. I can set some manual static colors like green, not very bright blue, and orange. But not yellow or white.


Here's the kicker.... Sometimes... sometimes.... I can get the heat pump to display normally on rainbow cycling IF I uninstall iCUE. If it does display right, I can reinstall iCUE and it will typically work right for a short while, and I can evenm set all the static colors (including white and yellow)... But usually it goes bad to glitchy after the screen locks or I reboot. I've also notice somtimes my keyboard gets stuck on red (K95), but I can almost always get that to work properly again if I exit and restart iCUE. YES, I have tried disabling all the other RBG software and only running iCUE to see if that's the cause, with no noticable difference.


I have the latest firmware and iCUE version, but it did the same thing with the last version and older firmware.


I have several types of color fans and controls in my PC, like Aorus Engine, Razer, Dragon Center, etc. Its not that I want to, but I have different parts than just Corsair, so little choice.


Anyway, I could try to RMA the part, but this screams software problem.



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First, you said you are using the latest version of iCue. The latest iCue 4.xx software does not support a rather long list of Corsair products, including the H115i AIO cooler. The models listed in the post at the link below are not compatible with iCue ver 4.xx. I think these models just won't show up in iCue at all. It sounds like your pump is showing up in iCue which makes me suspect that you are not running the latest version (4.10.273). If you are, that is probably your problem and you will have to revert to iCue ver 3.38.61 to control your H115i pump LEDs.




If you are using iCue v3.38.61 or earlier, your H115i pump should show up and the LEDs should be controllable. If this is your situation, I really can't think what would cause the problem you are observing. Maybe a defective LED in the pump is corrupting data to the other LEDs? Since the control is via USB, there is really no way to connect the pump LEDs to some other ARGB port and test them. There is a 3rd party program called SIV that can control your H115i pump (and fans). SIV is a VERY powerful system monitoring program. The author got frustrated with iCue so reverse engineered the protocols and added monitoring and control of some Corsair products to SIV. I personally use it instead of iCue and it is rock solid. SIV can control a lot of older Corsair AIO coolers and most all of their fans. It may not be able to control the newer Corsair pumps because the author has not kept up with Corsair's product line. There is a definite learning curve with SIV but once you have it set up it works really well. It also does not hog system resources like iCue. If you are interested in trying SIV here is a link. Even if you don't like it, you could use it to test the LEDs in the H115i pump.




More generally, if you normally run iCue with Aorus Engine, Razer, Dragon Center, and whatever else, I am surprised you are not having more problems. Having all of those separate RGB programs running concurrently is asking for trouble, especially if you have RGB RAM. It's a real shame that the industry has still not managed to arrive at any sort of RGB standard. Corsair came close with iCue, especially after they got it to control Asus motherboards. Unfortunately, Corsair decided to make iCue proprietary, presumably in an effort to force a closed ecosystem of all Corsair RGB products. Using non-standard connectors and pin-outs, and refusing to support ARGB products ensured that iCue would never become the RGB standard that we all wish existed. Now their new version does not support a long list of Corsair's own products, many of which are still available in various sales channels. This is a very unfortunate situation for people (like you) that own Corsair products that are no longer supported. There are lots of posts in the thread at the first link above from people who have a mix of Corsair products - some supported, some not. They are not very happy.


You may want to look into one of the open source RGB control platforms like JackNet RGB or Open RGB or RGB.Net or SignalRGB. Most of these RGB utilities can control Corsair products. Some have even managed to figure out MSI's nightmarish RGB products. I can't tell you which one would be the best fit for you. That depends on exactly what RGB hardware you have in your system. If you do a little research, you can probably find an RGB utility that can control at least most of your LEDs. Generally, the less RGB control programs running concurrently, the better. Some of these are pretty "polished", others are more basic and may require some programming skills to set up.


Here are some links.


JackNet RG





Good Luck!

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