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Weird loud sound every 5s with i164

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Thanks for helping out. I am adding images:

1. At startup - no sound 1min - idle


2. Normal load, no sound around 10min


3. Started a game - sound appears now does not stop.

https://imgur.com/kXrYHyA - noise starts at mid video

4. closed game - cooling down - no sound




Thanks again. Is there anything I can do - open to clear or if its pump do I need to send it back (last time it took one month and got a new one... different problem).

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Ok good news! Maybe bad news

I had to open it. It is the PSU fan...


The issue is its a squeaky clean place we live in and I cleaned it a bit with compressed air but I don't see a major change. When I try to manually turn the fan when its all powered down I can hear it makes the vibration.


And now its working doing the same noise after cleaning

Questions are:

Can I replace the fan only?

Do need to get a new PSU SF600 instead?

How critical is to run it in current state?

Anything else I can/should do?

I guess if I replace the PSU myself I void the warranty, but service here will take a month. At least.


Thanks for the tips.

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It could be then that the PSU fan may be rubbing against something. Check to see if it is rubbing against the grill on the front of the fan; they could be bent. Since it is not recommended to pull apart a PSU, then yeah if you are comfortable with replacing the PSU (and possibly voiding warranty) then that would be the quickest way to fix the issue. Although replacing just the PSU fan can be done and there are guides on how to do it. The risk is when you put it all back together and it ends up with some fault that could cause a short circuit, etc. So replacing the whole PSU is probably best if you are not able to figure out where the fan is rubbing especially because it could be that the fan bearing could be damaged in which case you would need a new fan. Edited by EchoSierra
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