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Hydro X Series XD5 Pump


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Hi all,


I've had a difficult timing finding the answer for my question so I figured I would ask here since everyone seems to be very helpful and knowledgeable. I'm going to be doing a custom water loop and was curious with the XD5 pump if you can use more than one port for the inlet. What I mean by that is actually have more than 1 return going to the pump at a time.


I know the front left is designated for the outlet, but my design has it returning into the top inlet and *hopefully* one of the base inlets as well.


Thank you very much for your help!

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I would take some caution if using the two return ports directly adjacent to each other to the right of the outlet. I don't think turbulence in that area would be beneficial. However, most people who do this end up with one a top of reservoir return and a lower one which should be OK.
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