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RGB Lighting Setup - Help!


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Hey folks. Not sure where else to turn, so hoping you guys can help. I'm trying to accomplish something with my system and having trouble figuring it all out. I'll explain.


So, currently I have 6 Corsair fans going into a Corsair Lighting Node Core. 6 fans, 6 slots. I also have a Thermaltake Water 3.0 360 ARGB AIO daisychained in with a CoolerMaster MF 120 fan. Why? Because first build and that's just the way it worked out :P Anyway, what I'd really love to do is plug that aio and the CoolerMaster fan into my spare Corsair Lighting Node Core, because they are currently being operated by my ASROCK mobo, and Polychrome rgb software sucks :P I want everything to be run through iCue.


In addition, I've just purchased a Lian Li triple 8 pin gpu rgb extension strimer plus as well as their 24 pin strimer plus. Those plug into the supplied Lian Li control box, but while that's programmed with specific Lian Li argb patterns and such, the fact that you have to open up the case to change them is a pain, and I'd like the option to also control them through iCue. I understand that I can plug the Lian Li control box into my Corsair Lighting Node Core controller as well.


So, here are my big questions. Can I plug the aio, the CoolerMaster fan, and the Lian Li controller into the Corsair core controller, and what type of adapters (because I know they make them) and how many, will I need to accomplish this? Then can I then control everything through iCue?


A guy runs a youtube channel Techlens and he does a video on the adapters, but I wasn't sure after watching it which adapters to get. Also, after going through my aio I'm left with the question of whether I need to find specialized adapters for the individual fans, as they seem designed to daisychain together and then go into the standard 3 pin, rather than having the ability to plug in individually.


As you can see, I'm a bit confused :P Any insight would be appreciated.

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We do not support being able to connect and control third party hardware to our lighting controllers and for iCUE to control them.


Well, I realize it isn't supported, but that doesn't mean it won't work.

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