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RGB splitter


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I have an AIO H100i RGB PLATINUM with the radiator on top and a stock fan on back, as you can see in photo below.


I want to replace the stock back fan with a LL120 and I can control its PWM via mobo but not RGB.


Since I prefer not to add another controller (Light Node, Commander, etc.) and I'm not interested in dynamic rgb effects it's possible to control RGB of the two top fans as they are detected as only one in ICue and the back fan as the other one?


To perform this will the RGB Splitter Adapter on Ebay (I don't know if I can provide the link, but I'm sure you all know what I intend) work? They say it has to connect to Lightning Node Pro or Commander Pro, but is the AIO pump considered as some "controller"?


Thank you!


p.s. I have to clean the panel :laughing:





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Thank you for the answers!


I'll take a second look to use RGB Fan Led Hub + Lightning Node or Commander, but now I know the splitter would theoretically work.


Maybe removing the PWM control from pump will help reducing power drain?

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motor current draw is vaguely insignificant.. a couple hundreds of mA at worst in use.

3 QL fans on full white full brightness is over 1.5A, or a third of what a SATA connector can deliver on 5V


Dont forget its MCU in that mix ;) :)

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