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Just bought a 5000D Black Airflow and some QL Fans


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So I'm already invested in the Corsair/iCue RGB ecosystem (LOVE IT) and it was time to retire my old darkflash phantom case (few fans burned out, lost some thumbscrews, etc.) SO I picked up the 5000D Airflow in Black and 4 QL120 Fans and 2 QL140 Fans for my AIO (H115i Hydro)


This may seem relatively silly to ask but I read the FAQs and I didnt quite find the answer I needed to give me confidence in my purchase.


The 5000D comes with a PWM Controller -- am I to understand that I'll be able to connect the QL Fans all to the PWM Controller and to the Lighting Node Core that comes with the fans and I'll be good to go? Obviously I want full control of all the RGB elements via iCue but having total fan control would be nice too.


Before Amazon ships my order and I have to go through the headache of returning or exchanging things...is this going to work the way I intend it to?


Thank you in advance!


EDIT: Another question or two I just thought of. If I wanted to add 3 more QL120s to the side mount in the future...would I just add another Node Core and connect accordingly? My motherboard seems to have alot of headers on it so I'm sure I'd be able to connect the PWM somehow without getting one of the commander pros or something. I run all my fans at 100% anyway so noise doesnt bother me.


Here's my amazing paint skills...


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Yes, that little circuit board in back is a PWM repeater hub. It needs a control signal from the fan controller (MB Header) and all fans connected will run the same speed as you set in the BIOS for that header or MB fan control software. You can use this like a 3 way splitter for the front three fans. You may want independent speed control of the rear exhaust fan, but otherwise it can go on their too. Keep the radiator fans on the H115i fan internal fan controller.


RGB is completely separate and all 6 RGB wires go to the Lighting Node Core from the QL multi-pack. Does not matter where the PWM wire is connected, fans will go in sequence from 1-6 in the order you connect them. If you add 3 more in the future, you will need another lighting controller (like another LNC in the QL120x3 multipack) or another capable controller (Commander Pro + RGB Hub or Commander Core).

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