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Corsair ONE Diagnostics Audit Failure 4625

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It seems everyday at the same time Corsair Diagnostics is trying to run but causing a log on failure due to "Unknown user name or bad password". I don't have it set for any scheduled scans, notifications are off and the application is on my anti-virus exceptions list. I've tried to uninstall but I get the pop up saying it looks like it's already been uninstalled. But it's clearly not because I can run the app fine. I probably wouldn't have even noticed but when this happens the sound on what ever game im playing goes out until I click on the screen again. It's a small problem but annoying. Any help would be appreciated.
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According to the event viewer it's been happening since 12/7/20 which is the day after I used the app for the first time to help me with another issue I was having which has been resolved. But I just recently noticed it due to the game sound disruption it causes as described above. No I have not submitted a ticket yet.
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