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Commander Pro with LL120

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Most Corsair RGB controllers do not have an auto-configure or auto-detect feature (except the Commander Core). You must tell the program what fan type you have and how many of them there are. Only then will it generate the images in the UI so you can set new lighting patterns.


Look for the Lighting Set-up tab in the Commander Pro device. Then choose your fan type (LL) and number (5). This will create 5 LL fans each with one colored dot in the set-up page. Go back to Lighting Effects and you can start applying the various options.

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Speed control and RGB lighting are separate properties. One does not affect the other. If you see the Commander in CUE but there are missing tabs or data, make sure you are not running other full spectrum monitoring programs like AIDA or HWinFO. They both attempt to poll the Corsair devices at the same time and cause errors of this type.


If this is not the case, you’ll need to post some screenshots so we can see what you see.

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Hey there, have you checked in the Performance(iCUE3) or Cooling(iCUE4) Tabs for the Commander Pro? This is where the fans will show for fan speed control. If you want RGB control you will need an RGB hub connected to Channel 1 or 2 of the Commander Pro. Then go to Lighting Setup, Choose Lighting Channel 1 or 2, then select LL series fans, and set the number to 5.
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