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Honestly, I'm very apprehensive about installing iCue, new or old.


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For the record I used iCue 3 for about half a year, but it had poor 3rd party RGB support, stopped my PC from going to sleep, crashed constantly when running PUBG, used 2-5% of CPU constantly, plus lots of small issues like void pro headset cutting in and out etc.


Since then I've switched to OpenRGB and it's a great piece of kit purely for lighting control. I have a Corsair keyboard, Steelseries mouse, an EVGA GPU, Asus Motherboard & Corsair RAM and they're all supported, however I am missing the 7.1 of my iCue headset.


I would like to use iCue again, but I'm seeing page after page of software issues even with the new v4 which I believe was being built from the ground up, as the previous software was built by an external party and that's where I believed all the issues to have arisen from.


However it seems like it's still causing FPS issues, random crashes, hardware problems etc and I'm wary about installing it again.

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