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Gigabyte GA-K8NXP Dual channel issues


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I get the same issues with the dfi board mentioned peviously

I can boot windows, but I cant play games without crashing or getting unreadable memory errors, If I relax my latncies it does work, but hey why did I pay extra for the XL model ram, Memtest faults test 6 in my pc, but throw the stick in 1 by 1 they are fine its only in dual channel, I test on a nforce 2 board in dual channel and it passes the test it only fails on my mobo

I may be speculating here but I might lean towards the new processors as they have a new memory controller maybee it interfaces differently (I dont knbow I m fisshing for answers ATM)

please help ramguy

I have

REV E 4000+ AMD :)

twinx 1024 XL 2225 @2.8v

gigabyte ga k8nxp-9 nforce 4 non sli

x800XT sapphire

650watt silverstone PSU

2x74gig raptors

7.1 Audigy

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there was a dfi board having the same problem the thread is called weired memory problems, as I said If i relax latecies the ram is more stable but slower, and I didnt pay extra for the XMS XL model line up to do that
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Do they work @ 2-2-2-5 on the other system in dual channel?

only in memtest i didnt play any games, as I said this ram was fine until I got the REV E amd 4000+ and new mobo, thats why im posting in compatability issues

any thing else u can think of wired?

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Also, on many dual channel MOBOs, and both Intel and AMD based, in some cases you need to relax the RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD) to "3" instead of 2. This has nothing to do with the RAM as it is a chipset/MOBO issue. Hopefully, the new bios Garvin pointed out will resolve this. If the RAM tests OK in Memtest at the specified timings, the RAM is fine.



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