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I need help with my fan configuration


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Hey there,


so I´m a newbie in PC-Building and therefore need a bit help.

My question may have been answered in another thread and if so please link it down below so we don´t repeat a subject.


So now to my question


I want to build a PC with 8 Corsair Fans.

2x Corsair LL120 63 CFM 120 mm Fans 3-Pack

and the two that come with the Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM SE 63 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler.


So in total I have 8 RGB-fans in my system but not enough RGB-fan headers on my motherboard (Asus PRIME Z490-A).


How can I controll all my fans? I thought about the Commander Pro but I´m not sure if that works.



Thank you for your help



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You won’t use your motherboard RGB headers at all. The Corsair system uses its on controllers for 5v power and control. The Platinum SE has an internal controller for fan speed and RGB. That’s 2. Each of the LL120 triple packs comes with a Lighting node Pro controller and a RGB lighting hub for 5v power. Each can handle 6 fans for RGB control. 1 of them can take the rest.


That leaves it as you needing speed control for those 6 fans which would normally be through the MB PWM headers. If you want control over their speed through CUE, you will need a fan speed controller — the Commander Pro. That replaces the lighting Node Pro as RGB controller and the RGB lighting hub will connect to it instead.

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thanks for your reply.


so the Platinum SE can be controlled via iCUE without any extra device.

But you said something about the Cimmander Pro combined with the RGB Lighting Hub.

Does the Hub come with the Commander Pro/ the fans? Or is the Cimmander Pro "the Hub"? Or do I need to buy it separately?



I'm sorry if these questions sound dumb but I'm just learning and expanding my knowledge so I can help others with their questions about PCs

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The LL120 triple pack (not single fans) comes with a Lighting Node Pro and the RGB Hub. That is all you need for lighting. If you decide you want those 6 case fans to be controllable through CUE like everything else (probably), then you need the Commander Pro. You simply disconnect the wire between the Node Pro and the RGB Hub and move it to the Commander Pro. The Node Pro is no longer needed as is removed from the system. Don't get rid of it. It has value for adding additional RGB devices like strips or other fans. The Commander Pro has 2 RGB channels so it can do 6 + 6 fans or 6 fans + RGB strips, Hydro X, 3rd party adapters, etc.


See here for more details and pictures.


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