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Replacing the CorsairOne i164 fan

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I've owned an i145 and it was whisper quiet. I got upgraded to an i164 and enjoying the boost in performance, but with that comes a louder fan.


The noise from the top fan can get very loud at times and it's not the end of the world but would like to get something not as distracting. I don't game much, I actually do more video editing and game modding. But it can get loud when I'm just web surfing.


Wondering if anyone has a good suggestion to replace it with a more quiet fan?

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I am pretty sure the top fan is a 1500 RPM fan. A way you can check max RPM is by setting the fan to run at max speed in iCUE and look at the monitor. If the reading is between roughly 1350 and 1500 RPM, then it is a 1500 RPM fan.


So the best thing would be to go with a slightly lower RPM fan like 1200 RPM for example if you could find one. Wouldn't recommend to go much lower to keep good temps. As far as brands, Noctua fans are popular quiet fans, Corsair have good fans. Be Quiet! have good fans too.


So it really is a matter of finding a fan with lower RPM than 1500 -or whatever the max RPM is on your system- but not too low. And check that the new fan you get is a PWM fan.

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