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iCUE 4.X scaling problem Please help

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Hi James,


i'm using the new 4.X version of iCUE for now 3 weeks. It's a fantastic new version, but the scaling on high DPI PC doesn't work well.


I'm using Windows 10 latest version with a 4K Sony TV as a monitor with 300% scaling in Windows 10. When starting Windows 10, iCUE open automatically, and when I click on the iCUE icon in the bottom of the screen, the iCUE window doesn't scale. The only workaround I've found is to use the Windows Key + UpArrow(x2) to get the iCUE window maximised and fully usable.


Here's screenshots of before and after this message..


Before resizing







Are you aware of this problem and when it should be fixed ?

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Thanks for reporting this - this is not a known issue but I will report this so we can get it resolved. The iCUE window should remember the size and position so when you call to it from the taskbar or the task manager, it should be the same.
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I experience scaling issues as well and appear to of resolved my issue by right clicking on iCUE shortcut -> Properties -> Compatibility tab and click on Change high DPI settings. Then set High DPI scaling override to System (Enhanced). Seems to do the trick for me.
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Already tried this fix, but didn't work at all. And it makes everything low resolution...


Maybe you're not in the same situation than me...


3840x2160 at 300 percent scaling in Windows 10...


Thanks :biggrin:

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Dear Corsair James and Notepad.


Yes, this is a known issue - it has been referred to in multiple threads, including this recent one:




Why are you asking users to turn down scaling, which will impact the vast majority of those users with 4k TVs that need high scaling, up to 300%.


Scaling works in V3 so why can't or wont Corsair implement in V4?


Having invested heavily in Corsair fans, water cooling, PSU, RAM, Headset, I am now going to upgrade my keyboard and mouse, in protest to another supplier.

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Right on ! I'm using a 4K TV and 300 percent is the sweetspot !

Version 3 was working flawlessly, so no reason for the version 4.


And all software I'm using work well and scale correctly...


Sorry Corsair, but this is not the kind of answer we are expecting from you...


Estimated cost of Corsair's products for my PC : 1000$ USD



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Apparently this is still an issue. I just received my K100 RGB from Amazon today, but I find the iCUE tool unusable with this limitation in my current setup. I also have 4K @ 300%. Making this worse is that the scrollbars that do show up iCUE are so narrow as to be unusable without precision mouse control. I love typing on this thing, but unfortunately I'll have to return the keyboard based on these software flaws.

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