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HS60 Pro - Extremely Disappointed

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Hey all; as the title suggests, I've recently acquired a HS60 Pro and am not impressed.


Visually, the headset is great; it looks and feels durable, and the output quality is great. But that is about where the pros end for this product.


Out of box, when positioned comfortably (I.e not in your mouth or brushing against your face), the detachable microphone has a gain value which makes your voice reminiscent of someone standing across an auditorium speaking into a box. Fine, I will look at iCUE or Windows Sound to change the gain. Oh, no such luck.


To fix your gain problems you will need to install additional (non Corsair) APO software. What is the purpose of having a fancy (bug laden) application to run all your hardware if it has limited functionality? The only settings you can change for this device are equalizer and surround sound (granted you plug in the USB DAC) or to disable the voice over that tells you when the mic is active or not.


Adding on to the problem with iCUE, there is no slider to control the headset sidetone. Lucky this slider exists in the Windows Sound software, but again, why have the fancy app if it is worthless to control our devices?


And finally we can address the terrible oxymoronic phenomenon that occurs when you are doing anything involving audio on your PC; even with the terrible gain control for my voice, the headset seems to do everything in its power to pick up the output of my headset. Anyone I might be conferencing with can hear the audio from my application almost as good as I can, and it is guaranteed to be twice as loud as I am. You might consider this to be a positioning problem, but even with the mic as far away from the left speaker as possible, and we still run into the feedback problem.

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