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Strafe Keyboard middle section not responding

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Hello all!


I have a Strafe KB and the middle section (9,0,O,P,L,comma,period,and spacebar) is not responding to keystrokes but the lights are fine.


In iCue I can program the lights on any one of those specific keys so I know it is at least communicating.


I have downgraded to 2.5 and also 1.16.42 as well as uninstalled/reinstalled all drivers and firmware, but I cannot get this section to function. I've also tried the soft reset with ESC button. I am on Win 10.


Have any of you experienced this issue?

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Reigndropz,


Try deleting your profiles (you can back them up for test-restoring later...) and recreating them from scratch. Occasionally, especially over multiple installs, a macro or function can get kind of bugged with our devices, so this is a quick first thing to try there.


Next step is going to be really deleting all remnants of iCUE from your system, aka a clean install:




If no luck on either, please open a ticket with support using the link at the top of this page for further assistance.

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