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CommanderPro + RGB


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I am an absolute novice at all things RGB. That said, I have been scouring the forums and google trying to find the answer(s) to my RGB questions.


String things together? Get several controllers? /shrug


I recently bought a Commander Pro and bought 2 of the Pirate Dog Tech - CommPro to 3pin 5v RGB cables in hopes that I can daisy chain the following RGB tech and have iCUE manage it.


--6x Ek-Vardar X3M 120 ER fans (9 LEDs each) (PWM is handled by the CommPro, RGB can be chained together)

--CPU Monoblock (9 LEDs)

--GPU Block (9 LEDS)

--O11D LX front panel (30 LEDs)

--O11 G1 Distro Plate (18 LEDs)


Which comes to a grand total of 120 LEDs. This should work on the CommPro, at least I think it would, as each channel can support 60 LEDs.


I have also read that things have to be done in increments of 10 so if I round everything up, now I am at 130 which makes me feel like I need a Lighting Pro to handle things.


I am just confused and overwhelmed and seeking to understand how it all comes together.


I appreciate your time and feedback.

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