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CX750F RGB Flickering Issue

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Hey All.


New to Corsair. Just bought some goodies recently and am loving it. Love the products. Will definitely be upgrading a few more goodies in the not to distance future.


I have a two questions and need some assistance please. I have the CX750F RGB PSU with a ICUE 220T Case. The issue I have is that when the PSU is plugged into the next available slot on the RGB Controller the PSU Flickers. The colour does however change through the ICUE Software. If I plug it to any other available slot on the RGB Controller it stops flickering but then I cannot control the RGB Colours through ICUE. Has anybody seen this before? The firmware on all my devices is up to date.


Second I am thinking of replacing the standard Cables that come with the above mentioned power supply. I want to go with the Corsair Premium Individually Sleeved PSU Cables Pro Kit. I am just not sure if its compatible with that specific power supply. I have checked the compatibility list and I don't see that specific model on there.


Your assistance will be appreciated.


Have a great weekend. Happy gaming.:sunglasse:sunglasse

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