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psy hx850 I vs FTW 3080


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Hey guys, was lucky enough to get my hands on a 3080 ftw from evga, long story short, I notice ICUE reading massive power spikes will gaming * over 850 watt , when my psu is only 850*.

Of course I worry , so i have ordered a HX1200I just to be sure, my real question is, can I just switch the psu and keep cables since they are both the same " HX" line ?? I tryed to figure out the Cable compatibility thing with no real luck so need some help!

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I am amazed that you managed to see these spikes in the monitoring.


While I had my RM750i, I never observed spikes from my 3080fe, either using iCue or HWinfo.

Always thought they dont last long enough to show up in monitoring due to the milliseconds duration.


Did you get any screenshots by chance? Id love to see what they actually look like on a graph.


Where you seeing them on the total power in/out ?

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