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LL120 Fans too loud

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Hi guys, I currently have 9 fans in my case, alot I know but I wanted more for better temps, Lian Li o11 Dynamic.


The issue I am having is that even at idle my fans are going crazy loud, 3 connected via the h150i and another 6 connected to a commander pro


The H150i fans seem to run ok, but the other 6 are 1500rpm even on quiet and do not drop, when I set my own curve it doesn't work very well because temps become an issue


Anyone any ideas? I have a Gigabyte Arous Master z390 and a i9 9900k

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Get off the Quiet/Balanced/Extreme presets on the Commander. They do not mean the same thing as on the AIO. Right now it is running a curve designed for coolant temperature and using CPU temperature as the control variable. That will keep you pinned at 1400-1500 rpm all day long. You want to stop that and CPU temp is not a good control variable for case fan control in most systems.


Go to the Performance Tab for the Commander Pro and click on the +. That will create a graph below. You have a couple of quick options:


1) Use the shape tools in the upper right corner of the graph. Those do correspond to the three presets on the AIO, except now you can set the control variable (sensor choice) to H150i Temp (coolant temperature). That will put the fans in line with what happens on the H150i and these can be further tweaked for baseline or normal load speeds by bumping chosen points up or down. Don't forget to apply to new curve to all the fans on the Commander.


2) Depending on your fan arrangement, you may want one or more of your fans ruining from GPU temp for air cooled models. Most people have a good idea on the temp range of their GPU. Same procedure as above, but set the temp points for your gaming/render loads and noise tolerance.



The ideal management comes from using the temperature probes for the Commander. Rear exhaust air temp is the obvious measure of the amount of added heat in the case, when compared to an intake air sensor somewhere else. The air flow dynamics can get a little bit wacky in an O11 with all the possible set-ups, but "true" air temp doesn't matter. It's just a relative measure of the change in air temp. Pick a place for the sensor and don't move it to keep consistent readings. You will need to experiment to find your normal range for different conditions. Besides the most accurate measure of the case ambient temperature, the sensor probes are also the native source for the controller. Fan curves based on the T-sensors will work at all times, CUE running or not.

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