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Commander Pro, XD3, 2 RGB fan hubs

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Hello, can anyone help me out?

I have 8 LL120s which I'll connect to the RGB fan hubs, and the XD3 res-pump. How do I connect the LED of the XD3 to the CoPro along with the 2 RGB fan hub controllers with only 2 LED connections on the Commander Hub?? I might have missed something but I'm very confused about this.


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As said,, Lightning Node Pro would be the correct way to do this..


but you could also clone the fan hubs ( 2 hubs on one channel). not supported by Corsair. but it does work,, i currently have 32 LL rgb fans running off of one commander pro and has been since late 2019.


lots more info in the FAQ thread linked below




Link to RGB Fan LED Hub Splitter cable



Splitter By Pirate Dog Tech

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