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Commander Pro - Startup / test run

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Hi all,


I wired all devices and fans according to the provided schematics (SATA power, USB, PWM, RGB, ...). For now let's assume this is all correct


How can I now easily test my installation to see if fans start spinning and RGB is working?


Should it be enough to only bridge the PSU so that the devices receive SATA power


do Commander Pro & Lighting Node Pro additionally require power via mainboard USB connector to work?


Please be aware that I'm not talking about iCUE control yet, only about a quick functional test.



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Both Corsair fan controllers (Commanders) and Lighting Controllers (Node Pro/Core and Commanders) get their power from SATA. With the jumper connected to the 24 pin ATX cable, the fans will spin at their default setting and the RGB lights should come on. Generally this will be some rainbow pattern. However, if the device has a stored pattern in its memory from an earlier time, it will show that instead. There is no need to be alarmed if one controller does rainbow and the other does all white or something similar. Once you are fully operational and have installed CUE, this behavior can be set in the Hardware Lighting panel for each device.
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