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What rgb effect can be done with kb


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Hello everyone,


I'm currently using a good old logitech g15 v1.0 with lcd screen. While I love the keyboard, it's getting very old (no backlight on screen, backlight on keyboard dead, etc).


My gf have a razer keyboard and she have many effect. I myself have corsair vengeance ram and razer mouse, so I have both synapse and icue installed.


With razer, a lot of my games get added to chroma connect automatically like overwatch, doom and other. In these game, razer have many automated rgb lighting effect like in overwatch, it match the character, in doom it flashes depending what's going on the screen/hp/pickup, etc. I was wondering, does corsair have similar profile and capabilities? Would love to have them sync (outside of using the corsair sync plugin that only sync 5 channel, which is way less then what the keyboard can do). I have my eyes on the corsair k100 optical mechanical, but would suck to have rgb doing nothing a bit synced or not having special effect from games.


Thank you!

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