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Corsair iCUE 5000C best hard disk placement for cooler temperature


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Hi everyone, good day ahead.


I just bought a a 5000X, which I am very happy with it. But I do encounter a slight minor issue to where I should place my my 3.5 hard disk position.


I am having Lighting Note PRO, Core and commander PRO behind the case, I shifted the hard disk cage away from the power supply and installed the hard disk there. I did realized the hard disk cage are not temperature friendly even with portion of of the RGB intake fans blowing to it.


I am here to seek for help if there is any solution which I can place the 3.5 hard disk to any part of the 5000X which cool down my hard disk. My current hard disk temperature around 42 degree C. Appreciate any kind advise and solution.


Thank you and peace for the world.

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I have 3 options and I have made all 3 myself in my 3 systems.

1-Remove drive cage, throw it away because replacing an HDD with an SSD is much better.

2-Remove drive cage, place HDD on the frame with double-sided nylon velcro tape and put a 120mm fan on top

3-Remove drive cage and get an NVMe 2280 USB 3.2 enclosure and install an MP-510 for 2x the speed of an SSD and 10x the speed of an HDD.


Option 2 is what you should do.

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