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Dual Channel Memmory Errors


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I have an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo, AMD 64 3800, and 2 sticks of VS1GB400C3(1MB Value select 3200), With both sticks in a dual channel memory cofiguration i get an error with memtest(latest version) at test 7 (257.6MB) on every pass; and occasionally get an error on test 8 (2047.6MB). When I test each stick separatly I get no errors. What gives?


My Bios settings are as follows:


Dim volt - 2.80 volts

Legacy USB: Disabled

Latency settings at - 2.5-3-3-8

No overclocking of CPU or Memory

Flashed bios with latest version for Asus web site


Thanks for any help u can give me.

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And can you tell me the make and model of PSY and video card you have installed?


By PSY im assuming a typo for PSU: Cooler Master 450W Real Power, Model RS-450-ACLY.


Graphics: EVGA e-geforce 6800 GT, with the 6 pin adapter hooked up to 2 of the peripheral powerconnectors, alone(no other devices on the same cord).


My system also has:


WD 74G Raptor Drive

DVD Rom Drive

Sound BLaster Audigy ZS


Thanks for the Reply

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I am not sure that PSU will meet the MB makers requirements. Please check that you have an ATX 2.0 compliant PSU and I would suggest 500 Watt Minimum with that configuration.
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