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I have had my order pending with Corsair for god knows how long


All I know is that when more are available I will see some spam from Corsair




Can I know how often Corsair receiving AX1600i? I opened an RMA on 03 April for replacement and still, nothing updates from Corsair's side, even if my RMA has urgent status. I need this PSU-like air because my spring semester is starting in 15 days. And all my projects, the software is on my PC.

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Thank you guys for the response. Based on jonnyguru estimation, if all goes well with the new IC’s compatibility question, next month May, would be a safe ETA bet for the 1600i regaining consumers’ confidence, once again. Anymore delays, end-users might have to dethrone the Corsair 1600i with the EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2, in fact I almost ordered the EVGA but fortunately technobeard alerted me to jonnyguru reply on IC’s & Suez Canal.


It’s not having a projected timeframe for the availability of the Corsair 1600i return to the market that destroys customer’s confidence and dependability on brand support, regardless of the quality of product. At some point support for customer’s mission objectives becomes a realistic and very relevant issue.


What say you PSU GUY can you add customer confidence back into the equation for the Emperor of Efficiency Corsair AX1600i PSU’s return to the “technologically and qualitatively superior than anything else” in the consumer workstation market arena


Thanks again


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