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What way water cooling block for CPU in/out


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Have flow from Res (XD5) to Rad to GPU and from GPU to CPU ( XC7 I think )to Rad and back to res Res


( 2 rads )


But I cant recall if for the CPU water block they have to go in a particular order ...so if the logo facing down does the input go to the right or left hole?

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The “triangle” port is the inlet and the flow shaped through the jet plate opening there. The default position is on the right, but the block can be opened up and internal assembly spun around to put the port on the left while still keeping the logo and wire at the bottom.
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Interesting, I have been running the left as inlet and right as outlet, because it seemed like a better flow path for my particular config. Any particular issues that would arise from this setup?


My current flow config for reference:


- Pump / resevoir to GPU 3090

- 3090 to 280mm rad

- 280mm rad to left CPU block (i9-9900k)

- Right CPU block to 360 rad

- 360 rad back to pump / reservoir



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If you look at the CPU block construction, the designated inlet port delivers fluid to the jet plate (rectangle with the slit through the middle). This forces the water to spray onto the cooling fins in a more uniform manner. The liquid is then pushed out the sides of the channels and is washed around the exterior before leaving through the outlet port.


When you run this in reverse the liquid goes into the cooling fins from both ends, but then must be pushed through the jet plate to exit the cooling fins and in the process is not so helpfully sprayed the other direction. That fractional delay is what can cause higher CPU temperatures as the liquid is in contact with the cooling fins longer than designed. I have not run a XC7/9 in reverse so I don't know how much it costs you. Some CPU blocks have a specific design making one port the inlet and the other the outlet. I recommend you follow that for CPU blocks. GPU blocks typically have a slightly different design making the flow direction less critical.

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