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Need RMA ASAP for CMX512-400PT

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Since day 1 with this memory my computer has been bugged.. Random reboots, system crashes... Swapped out with mushkin pc3200, pc runs FLAWLESSY !!! put the corsair back in, I can only get the pc to even boot with 1 stick, NO MATTER WHAT BIOS SETTINGS ARE CHANGED... I've tried anything and everything (please dont have me try this or that, I already have), one stick is 100% dead and the other is bugged out, will randomly reboot and crash (VERY ANNOYING) ...


I'm looking for an RMA approval so I can get this sent out and repaired/replaced....


I appericate the quick service and rma approval...


Thank You


Part # off ram stick :







Thanks, quickness is key here as I need my computer up and running and well, its gonna have some downtime here ... I cant borrow my friends mushkin forever .....

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No problem, please let me know when you get the new module or modules.



No problem ...


How long does it take to get the RMA # from the time you send in the ONLINE RMA FORM ??


Thanks again for FAST respone !!!

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