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I am trying to buy ISO keyboard with brown switches and media buttons. The thing is,there are none on the market! Ithought ok ill buy ISO with red switches but the keyboard turned out to be ANSI!!! Very disappointed:mad:

the link to the shop https://www.citilink.ru/product/klaviatura-corsair-strafe-rgb-cherrymx-red-mehanicheskaya-krasnyi-usb-1479832/

does corsair have keyboard with

brown switches

media buttons


ISO layout???

edit (that ships to russia!)

edit second store with the wrong picture https://hyperpc.ru/accessories/keyboards/corsair-gaming-keyboard-k95-rgb-platinum?mod=rapidfire

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Strafe RGB MK.2


Thank you for your reply. I don't really need exactly this model. Just cant find any keyboards with there 4 conditions anywhere, even on amazon, I'm the hottest client you can find. I found 1 in UK, but they do not ship to my place, and the price is huge

1. ISO

2. Brown switches

3. numpad

4. multimedia buttons (roll)

there is literally nothing on the market. Not only corsair but other brands too

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