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Hello Guys

I'm New to this Forum and my english is not the best but i hope you can help me.

I'm going to buy a new PC and at the moment i collect my komponents.

One Thread about the H150i Elite Capellix from Zotty helped me a lot.

I just have one Question at the moment. My Build is based on the Corsair 5000x in Black and in there are the Corsair SP120 Fans. And on the AIO there are the ML120 my Question are there markeble Differenc between them and which one should i buy for the rest 4 Fans to put in the case.

Thank you

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The ML-Elite from the AIO and the SP-Elite from the case are both 8 LED fans with identical LED geometry. Those are a match and you likely want to stay with that for the rest of the case. I do not believe the ML-Elite are available at retail but the SP-Elite are now for sale.
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