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[Suggestion] all graph widgets should have upper and lower boundries options


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Hi there,


What is the problem?

At the moment all widgets with graphs (fan speeds, temperature readings and so on) adjust theyr Y axis automatically, so the reading shows a trend, but is not useful to determine the current value without reading the textual value.

It would be better, if a graph would show the current value at a glance, without having to read the value itself (i think thats the idea behind a graph).

At the moment a steady temperature at 27.56 degrees Celsius looks exactly the same as a steady temperature at 60 degree Celsius, but the second value is far more dangerous for the system.


This would let you determine the current system status far more quickly.



What is my suggestion?

Include the following options into the settings of all graph widgets:

- Choice between:

a) Scale automatically (default, like now)

b) Scale manually (let the user set a lower and an upper limit to the Y Axis).


If the value falls below the manually set minimum value, just draw a line along the very bottom of the graph.

If the value raises above the manually set maximum value, fill the graph completely.



yours sincerly


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