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3090FE XG7 water block and VRM temps

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Hi all,


Just installed an 3090FE XG7 waterblock and the temps have dropped by quite a lot which is great.


Junction memory temps around 42 during gaming and 95 whilst mining vs 110degrees and thermal limits easily previously


GPU temps always good around 50 during gaming and mining.


I was wondering has anyone added a heatsink on the back of the XG7 backplate and has it made any difference?


The backplate on the water block gets extremely hot!!




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95 is bloody hot. Definitely try to stick some pads in there. As for the thickness i have no idea but they aren't expensive, you could experiment buying a few.

Now, even with pads, unless you add backplate active cooling, it will just radiate heat away so it will still be somewhat hot. Someone mentionned this backplate cooler on a previous post, that could be an option:



You could also downclock the memory a bit when mining, see if it doesn't affect your hashrate too much. Maybe it could help

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I'm running an EK block and backplate on my Strix 3090 and don't mine, but was seeing VRAM @ 74 degrees C while gaming after about an hour.


I'm vertically mounted, and so bought some adhesive thermal tape and heat sinks from amazon. Coupled with some deepcool fans I had lying around I temp rigged up the cooling setup just to see if there was any impact before going wild and doing something permanent.


Tested by running Kombuster for 30 minutes, +105 on the core clock and +200 on the memory. Stock Strix bios with power slider set to max 123%. I also attached a couple of thermal probes to the backplate to record temps.




Stock - Mem 72 deg / Hot Spot 67 deg / backplate temps 51 and 54 and still climbing


Just Heat Sinks - Mem 74 deg / Hot Spot 73 deg / backplate temps 43 and 51 but stable, not increasing


Heat Sinks and Fans @ 1600rpm - Mem 70 deg / Hot Spot 73 deg / backplate temps 43 and 43, stable at 15 min into the test and never waivered


So, for me, the test proved that heatsinks and fans help to contain the heat and keep my card stable. Now, I plan to make the solution permanent, by draining the loop, removing the card and installing everything properly. I also plan to replace all the stock EK thermal pads with Thermalright Odyssey versions to see if I can transfer more heat to the cooling solution.


Hope this helps.

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