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570x fan setup bungle


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I managed to purchase the Corsair 570x Crystal Case which comes with the 3x SP120 fans. My Cooler is the NZXT x73 and I ditched the fans that came with that cooler. The intake fans attached are the 3x SP120 fans that came with the case.


I decided to expand and obtain more RGB fans. After perusing






I decided for just a simple additional 3x SP120 fans. However, my folly is that I managed to purchase the 3x SP120 PRO fans. I only realised this fact after I already installed them and scratching my head as to why I couldn't change the RGB.


I am just wondering what would be my options as it is pretty silly for me to only be able to control the RGB of the first 3 fans, but the remaining 3 fans are just stuck at white.

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