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I recently purchased the 220T case, which includes 3 SP120 RGB PRO fans and the lighting Node core (at the back of it).



I also have the H100i Platinum AiO which comes with 2 ML120 RGB PRO fans and a separate single ML120 RGB PRO fan (so in total 3 SP and 3 ML fans )



Lastly, I have a Commander Pro.



Now, I am wondering will the following work:

If I link all 6 fans (ML and SP ) to the Commander Pro and to the Node Core hub at the back, will everything work?

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First, get a fan hub - https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Custom-Cooling/Accessories/CORSAIR-RGB-Fan-LED-Hub/p/CO-8950020.


You can put all of the fans on the fan hub. Put the SP PRO in slots 1-2-3 and the ML in slots 4 and 5. Configure iCUE for 4 of the "8 LED Fan Series" fans on the channel. The last fan in iCUE will be BOTH of the ML fans.


Or ... you can just keep the fans separate - put the ML on the RGB controller on the cooler and the SP-PRO on the LNC. The CoPro would give you fan control and, tbh, you'd be better off with a fan hub here too, IMHO.

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