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Hydro Series™ H100i PRO RGB 240mm Brick

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can someone help with me this.. i've been searching for a week now for a hex file for this model... done a failed firmware update in Icue because our electricity went off.. when i turn it back on my icue my aio not showing up.. fans/pump are working.. already did the plug changing..

does anyone a hex file? please help

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Hello, is this specifically the PRO RGB, or the Pro XT? If it is the Pro RGB, there isn't a way to manually flash the firmware. What you can do is remove iCUE, and reinstall. This will generally bring the cooler back to iCUE.


Remove iCUE

If this is a Pro XT, please create a ticket and our support team can assist you.

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thank you for your time sir.. i already did everything.. also did a fresh install windows. but icue still no detecting my aio... but fans and pump are working.. but cant control the fan and pump speed.. also cant control rgb , only stays at color blue..

what actually happened was i turned on icue and start updating my aio then suddenly our electricity went off in the middle of firmware updating... when i turned on my CP back on.. iceu won't detect my aio

already tried different version of icue installers and corsiar link but still doesnt detect my aio.. but my RM650i and lighting nod pro gets detected.


heres my aio model




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