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Corsair Hydro H100i RGB PLATINUM - Fans going crazy

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Good evening everyone,


I'm writing here because since 3 weeks, my Corsair Hydro H100i RGB PLATINUM pump and fans are going crazy...


I put everything throught ICUE in silent mode (pump and fans), and when playing (even with non-demanding game) or sometimes even when desktoping, my fans start to go crazy (High RPM and really loudy) during 2-3 minutes then everything goes calm again and then it restarts etc. It starts to be calm again if i close ICUE (btw firmware is up-to-date).


For information, CPU temp never goes higher than 40°C even when playing big games like Cyberpunk and co.


When i try to change again the pump and fans to the balanced mode, fans are directly going crazy and loudy.


Any idea how to solve those noisy roller coaster?


Thanks in advance fellas

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Under 40C CPU temp? That would be pretty impressive on any recent CPU. However, if you mean 40C H100i Temp (coolant/liquid temp) that might explain a few things. The standard 3 presets have a hard kick to max at 40C liquid temp. There is nothing particularly special about 40C (41C is safe too), but that is about where people will start to get into temp troubles with overclocked processors.


The fix is relatively simply. Go to the Performance Tab and click +. This will reveal a graph below. Upper right corner the left most shape tool is a replica of the Quiet curve, except now you can see the data points. You can shift those up or a down a bit for your needs, but definitely take the last point and extend the fan max out to 50C or so. That is a genuine trouble line for nearly everyone whereas someone is a Mediterranean climate can hit 40C coolant temp gaming 9 months out of the year.

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